Intimations on the Information Age – What Would Google Do?

I really could not put this book down. Loved it. Jeff Jarvis, in What Would Google Do? writes with a conversational, almost intimate style that kept me engaged – at times laughing – as he portrayed the admiration he has for Google without being cloying.

The book’s about more than just Google – it’s a kind of new media tell-all that drops interesting tidbits about the geeks behind Craigslist and Facebook, among others. Jarvis lays out the company’s approach, the thinking and innovation behind Google and the world-changing approach to doing business that Google set in motion.

Google is known for its tenet Don’t be Evil. Jarvis thinks the corporate world would benefit from following other Google-isms:
– do what you do best and link to the rest
– free is a business model
– there is an inverse relationship between control and trust.

As a media relations professional I love this musing: “Advertising is your last priority, your last resort, an unfortunate byproduct of not having enough friends … yet.”

Also worth considering:

“I wonder whether, some day, companies will come to be valued not only on revenues, marketshare, EBITDA and profit but also on the Googlejuice.”

Where would we be without Google? Microsoft went live with its search engine Bing earlier this month. I don’t know what Google-the-search-engine lacks that would make me switch. What do you think?


One response to “Intimations on the Information Age – What Would Google Do?

  1. Jeff Jarvis is brilliant, and so is Google. I have had the good fortune to have worked with many technology companies in the past that employed the ‘free’ model, and guess what? The majority of those people are multi-millionaires today! It’s all about building a great product, trust and value for your CUSTOMERS first, then the pay-off will come, in forms you may not even have anticipated…

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