Tales the Dragons Told

This is my 10th year as Communications Manager for Vancouver’s Dragon Boat Festival. http://www.dragonboatbc.ca This gig is tons of work and tons of fun.

Ours is the largest dragon boat festival outside Hong Kong. More than 4,000 paddlers take part along with about 100,000 visitors. Dozens of media – print, radio, TV and online – cover the story before and during the two-day event.

Media like this event for many reasons – visuals, sounds, people stories, multiculturalism, teamwork, links with the ancient traditions that we maintain, competition – you get the idea. It’s great stuff.

Despite all that there is competition to get coverage on a summer weekend in Vancouver. Other events, festivals and also news desire and deserve media attention too.

Here’s what I do to encourage media to stop by the dragon boat festival:
– provide parking that’s free, easy to get to and close to the action
– stay riveted on what their desk wants and their deadline
– once the camera’s rolling, as the spokesperson I talk as if I’ve downed three Red Bulls.

It’s about making it easy for the media. When it works for them it works for us.

Congratulations to everyone who took part this year – and thanks to our friends in the media for great coverage.

Paddles up!


2 responses to “Tales the Dragons Told

  1. Well you’re doing something right! As a 15+year Vancouverite i am embarrassed to say this yr was my first Dragonboat festival. What an exciting, fun, enjoyable event it was. Kudos to you and the team for pulling it off.

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