My most productive morning this week; fund raising through oats

Some Sundays I’m more effective than others. This past Sunday I helped raise $120,000 before noon.

For nine years I have been part of an unusual, inspiring little event called Porridge for Parkinson’s. It began when my friend Marg Meikle found she had Parkinson’s disease. She and her husband wanted to do something other than watch things get worse.

Borrowing an idea from friends, they invited people to their home on a Sunday morning to have a bowl of unusually good oatmeal, a visit and to leave a cheque for Parkinson’s research.

Marg and her husband Noel and their son Mac have an amazing network or friends – the event was popular from the start and has grown steadily.

I established myself as the money gal in year one. I stand in their dining room in a tall hat so people can find me in the crowd. I provide pens, reading glasses and a name stamp for the cheques.

On Sunday morning we raised over $40,000. Through a program of matching funds set up by Marg and a friend, a network of supporting foundations turn every dollar donated into three. Our $40,000 became $120,000.

I feel so sad that we need to do this at all. Parkinson’s is a cruel disease and a progressive one. Marg, Noel and Mac are struggling. I so admire my friend’s spirit, Mac’s good humour and Noel’s tireless support.

Hey, I’m the money gal – you can still donate at


2 responses to “My most productive morning this week; fund raising through oats

  1. Since I wrote this post more money has come in online and by cheque delivery to Marg and Noel’s house. We’re at $150,000!

  2. Hi Anita,

    Sorry I couldn’t make the brekkie but I made a donation online yesterday!

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