Reporting – I knew it was a young person’s business

What fun! I was at an Olympic news conference earlier today and among the usual rag-tag group of reporters scrumming Premier Gordon Campbell one young man stood out – and I am talking young. Brennan LaBrie turned 10 last September.

A few minutes later, at a presser for silver medal skater Marianne St-Gelais, Brennan was at the mike with a question. I can’t even recall what he asked, I was so taken with his confidence.

His business card (yes, he has cards – well, him mum was carrying them for him) says Kid Reporter. At today’s event he was gathering copy for TIME for Kids.

His presence created quite a stir. Next time I saw him he was at the other end of a CBC radio reporter Renee Filippone’s mike.  His mum said he’d been interviewed several times since arriving in Vancouver from his hometown of Port Townsend, Washington.  She also said he was having a blast.

“He’s always asking questions,” she said. “Why wasn’t quite his first word, but it came really early on.” Way to go, Brennan – you’ve picked a great career!


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