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Only in Whistler – book elicits memories of mayhem

In the early ’80s I lived in Whistler, reporting for the Whistler Question newspaper. Blackcomb was brand new, we did our banking in Pemberton and drove to Squamish for groceries. I relish the occasional chance to relive our tales of derring-do so recently enjoyed paging through Stephen Vogler’s Only in Whistler, Tales of a Mountain Town.

I especially loved the anecdotes about the rise and demise – then the rise again – of the town’s other, more fringy, paper, the Whistler Answer – a more creative and irreverent rag that had appeared monthly.

Writes Vogler: “Production of the Answer usually involved a four-day bender rich in kerosene, ink, liquor, passion, paper, marijuana and/or hashish, chemicals, glue, tape and perseverance.”

He goes on to describe how those associated with the Answer quickly got the hang of press accreditation. When founding publisher Charlie Doyle showed up for one World Cup downhill race to claim his press credentials he was told he was the 12th Answer staffer that day. “There were style consultants and horoscope writers … all lined up to drink the Molson’s,” said Doyle.

Vogler’s book is a fun read – though I suspect you had to be there.

And RIP the Whistler Answer.